Lakeysha T.


Katorra is a very talented, highly professional personal stylist. She is an excellent communicator and listener. I'm a plus size woman and she knows how to pick out outfits that flatter me as well as conceal the areas I consider my problem areas. I'm a happy customer and I definitely plan to use her again in the future!

Apr 19, 2018

Diamond F.

I had a blast working with Styled For You. Her charisma and love for fashion made it super enjoyable to work with her. She helped me identify my personal style and created and executed a vision for a major photo shoot that was loved by the masses. I would definitely hire her again. No hesitation. She's my go-to.

Alejandra L.

Katorra has a real gift for styling, relating to clients, and empowering who she works with to feel comfortable making new style choices. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Katorra. She took the time to understand me, my lifestyle, and what changes I was hoping to make, and then made amazing combinations from my own closet and continued to make recommendations even after she was off the clock. I would not hesitate to book Styled for You again for a closet refresh, or for a special occasion.

Shamere Y.

I am a girly in some ways and tomboyish in others, and always have been. I couldn't figure out how to embody this with my style choices, so I always stuck to black and kept things simple. I wanted to change so I contacted Katorra after stalking her on Instagram. I'm glad I stalked and contacted her. She helped me to see what I could do with what I had, and taught me how to add expensive pieces to pop my wardrobe and embody my true style. After having my third son, this was a God send to feel like a myself!! You will love working with her!!

Mark K.

Katorra has a great eye for fashion and she was a pleasure to work with

Gabrielle J.

Wardrobe Consulting

Katorra works wonders!!! I finally had enough of my “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” problem and after being late again to another event, because “I have nothing to wear!!!” I finally gave in and started looking for a stylist. I am more than grateful I found Styled for You!! After Katorra completed my assessment she was able to comb through my entire closet piece by piece to salvage what I could, donate clothes that didn’t fit my newly found style, show me why I was having such a hard time getting dressed, and put together outfits with my own clothes that I didn’t even know I had. We went to the mall for new outfits that better fit my personal style while also taking into consideration my lifestyle. When I got to the first store, she already had handfuls of selections already picked out for me that I would have never picked out on my own and I fell in love with each one. The best part was she knew I wanted to have each article of clothing to be able to mix and match to make multiple different outfits with and that’s exactly what she did! Katorra is thoughtful, honest, gracefully tells you when something just doesn’t work for you!!, teaches you about your style and how to shop and all around she’s just hands down an amazing stylist!!!!!


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